internet marketing on a budgetNot every company is able to have a large marketing budget.  In fact, most companies, especially startup businesses and companies are lucky if they are able to have an advertising budget. However, that does not mean that they are not able to market their products or services as they are many ways to advertise online without breaking the bank or sometimes even for free.

Take a look at our marketing on a budget articles to help you make your company a succesful one.  If you still need help, we offer an array of online marketing services to meet your budget!

10 ways to market your product almost fro free part 2In the second part of “10 Ways to market Your Product Almost for Free”, we take a look at methods to advertise your product for free on the internet.

As more people around the world have more and more access to the internet, online marketing is fast becoming the advertising medium of choice by many companies because of its low cost in comparison to traditional advertising allowing start-up companies a better chance at grabbing a piece of the pie.

Once again, any company can be successful at advertising their products or service online almost for free with some hard work and dedication.

Let’s take a look at the remaining best ways to advertise your product almost for free.

10 Ways to Market Your Product Almost for FreeJune 15, 2011 – Thanks to the internet, a company is able to market its product or service for a relatively low price in comparison to traditional advertising.

Online marketing service is fast becoming the media of choice for companies that are looking for relatively easy, cost efficient and effective marketing media.

The trick to market your product/service almost for free is to take time to look for new places to advertise your product as well as dedicate yourself to make these new advertising venues work for you.

Here are some of the best ways to advertise your services at a low cost if you are willing to personally put in the time and effort.

March 21, 2009 – In Part 2 of Low Cost Online Marketing Strategies for Start-Up Companies, we will go over marketing strategies that deal more with Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization.

Even though the following online marketing strategies do not provide a lot of traffic in the short term; they will help a website gain higher SEO ranking by providing back links and quality On-Site content.

SEO – Think long term…  If you start optimizing your website for search engines today in 3 to 6 months you could receive thousands of weekly visitors.

Press Releases – Consumers and clients want to know that you are a safe bet.  What better way to do that then by showing them that your website is newsworthy.  Once again, it’s all about content.

April 28, 2009 – Online marketing does not have to be expensive for a start up business.  Online marketing is actually the best low cost solution for a business that is just starting since a good portion of online marketing is free and only requires a company to dedicate a large amount of time on the internet.

It just takes the will to want to spend hours on the internet working on building back link, joining social networks that relate to your industry and searching the internet for business opportunities.

An example of this is BlindMonkeyMedia has spent practically nothing on advertising since its inception 4 months ago. Yet this company gets an average of 3 work request per week and has a 68% conversion rate.

March 18, 2009 – Online marketing strategies for a start up company or business vary from one extreme to another but one cannot forget about the basic low cost marketing strategies that every company should have in the website marketing repertoire.

They are thousands of online marketing strategies on the internet and innovative marketers are inventing new ones every day.  Some of these online marketing strategies are cost effective and not yet truly tested.  Others are expensive ideas that may or may not work.

Using generic and low cost marketing strategies are time consuming but when a company’s online marketing budget is under $5,000; the options are limited. Here are some basic low cost online marketing strategies for start up companies or any companies looking to save a buck:

Online Communities – Online communities like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, LinkedIn and more boast over 500 million users.  Each of these users is categorized in a way where you can target your ideal market.