email marketing tipsToday, email marketing remains one of the top weapons in your marketing arsenal because even though the laws and restrictons on email are tighter, it remains a cost efficient way to reach your target  market for your business.  These email marketing articles will help you maximize results for your next email campaign.

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April 24, 2009 – Your email mailer is almost done.  The graphics look beautiful and your call to actions are in place.  The last part of email marketing basics will involve the strategy behind getting people to open your html mailer and how to get the email recipients to follow up with it.

The marketing email mailers have passed the SPAM test checker and have now been sent out to all of its recipients. 

The sad truth is that even though it was sent to an opt-in email list, your email mailer will join several other advertising, informational and marketing emails in the recipients queue.

The only way that your mailer will stand out from the pack is with a phrase catching email subject line.

April 18, 2009 – The email marketing basics thus far has been a lot about common sense.  Now, we will delve into the marketing research and psychological part of creating a winning email html mailer.

Sometimes, people forget the importance of colors and how it affects your mind.  For example, colors in the red area of the color spectrum like red, orange and yellow are known as “warm colors”.  This is because they bring out a range of emotion like warm and comforting feelings as well as anger and hostility.

On the other side of the spectrum are the “cool colors” like blue, purple and green.  These colors bring out calmness in a person and sometimes sadness or indifference.

March 31, 2009 – Email marketing is an effective way to communicate with clients and reach potential clients.  However, building that mailing list can be tricky and downright slow.  This is why so many websites and companies resort to buying email list and paying around $0.001 to $0.05 per email.

Buying an email list is a chancy way to reach new potential clients since you do not know whether you have acquired a quality list and therefore may get a low return on investment.

If you do decide to buy a mailing list, large companies that sell email lists are usually better at providing a trustworthy opt-in email list but you will be paying premium prices for it.  See the previous article,, for more details about the dangers of purchasing an email list.

April 7, 2009 – Now that you are aware of the dangers of email marketing and got yourself a killer mailing list, it’s time to create a winning mailer to advertise the goods and services of your online business.

A winning email mailer is one that will get people to actually open the email, read it, click on the call to action and buy or use your services.

The first thing to ask is find out who your company caters to.  This is done by figuring out your ideal target market and creating the mailer accordingly.

Does your company cater directly to clients or is it a business-to-business company?  What age range is your product or service for?  Are you an international company or do you only serve a certain area?  These and many more questions are what will be the basis of your mailer.

March 26, 2009 – Email marketing is probably one of the most effective and dangerous tool in the marketing world.  It is one of the most effective methods because if you have a large and a quality mailing list, you can get a lot of traffic and conversions to your website.  On the other hand, email marketing is one of the most dangerous methods because it can give you a bad online reputation and you may be accused of spamming.

How to build an enormous email list is a question that is often asked by many marketers and businesses.  Building a list involves a lot of time and hard work which is why some company may decide to go the easy way by purchasing an email list.

I strongly recommend against purchasing an email list unless you know exactly where it is coming from and you know exactly what kind of information the people on the bought list are looking for.