March 7, 2009 - Now that you know how to use your SEO Keyword meta tags, let’s discuss how to put those tags to use by writing an SEO Keyword article. It’s not as easy as you might think.

The first step is to identify which SEO keywords will be used in the article. Remember, the SEO keywords you select should have something to do with the page that you are using them on. It doesn’t make sense to have “wedding cakes” as an SEO keyword if you own a baseball card website.

Next, write out a rough draft of the article. Don’t worry about using all the keywords for now.

After you are done with your rough draft, edit your SEO Keyword article and try to add more keywords, but make sure that the placement makes sense. Remember, your website viewers are going to be reading your content, so don’t just fill a page with nothing but keywords.


After you are finished with that step, look over your article and see if you used any SEO keywords that you didn’t add to your meta tags. Sometimes when writing, you end up using great keywords that are perfect for your website that you didn’t plan on using when you made your rough draft. The keywords are already there, you might as well get credit for using them!

Finally, when you are finished, be sure to check for any spelling errors or broken links. It’s best to create articles using a program with spell-check, such as Microsoft Word. It’s also a great idea to have someone else read your article, as the writer does not always catch his own mistakes.

Now you’re done! It’s not as easy as just writing and posting your work, but the next time you check your SEO keyword rankings, you’ll be glad you made the extra effort!

Robert Nimylowycz has over eight years of experience in Online Marketing and SEO Website Analysis. He has provided keyword-enriched content for many websites, and proudly joined the BlindMonkeyMedia team in January, 2009.