February 28, 2009 - In our last SEO Keyword article, we discussed how to choose the correct keywords for your website. Here, we’ll explain how to get the most out of your Meta Tags with respect to the Title Tag and the Description Tag.

First, we’ll go over the Meta Title Tag. Many consider the Title Tag the most important meta tag, because not only do most search engines utilize it, but the contents appear on the first line of most search engines.

The Title Tag should be short, roughly 64 to 80 characters, and should describe what the page is going to be about. Also, you should include the page’s main keyword in the title, preferably towards the beginning and ideally have another SEO keyword as well.

For example, our website www.BlindMonkeyMedia.com has the following Meta Title: “Online Marketing Services: BlindMonkeyMedia, Internet Marketing Consultants”. This title is not only keyword rich, but it also clearly explains what the website is all about.

Be sure not to just list your targeted SEO keywords in some random order, as this could result in turning off your website’s visitors. Make sure that the meta title you are using is in fact related to the page that you are describing.

The Description Tag is for search engines only, meaning viewers will not be seeing the description unless they decide to view your code. While the Title Tag is a brief introduction to the content of your page, the Description Tag goes into a bit more detail.

The contents of your Description Tag should be between 100 to 200 characters in length, and should include your main SEO Keyword as well as at least two more keywords you selected for the page.

While visitors to your website most likely will not be able to see what your description is, it is vital not to “cheat” the search engines by simply loading the description meta tag with keywords in a random order. Also, remember to only describe what the actual content on the page will confirm, as you will lose credibility with the search engines by mislabeling your meta tags.

To sum up, try to use your main SEO Keyword in both your Meta Title and Meta Description Tags, and remember to stay within the character limits. Next week we’ll explore the remaining meta tags we have not yet discussed.

Robert Nimylowycz has over eight years of experience in Online Marketing and SEO Website Analysis. He has provided keyword-enriched content for many websites, and proudly joined the BlindMonkeyMedia team in January, 2009.