February 2, 2009 - Using Meta Tags correctly is vital to achieving top ranking on SEO keywords. Having good content is another essential ingredient for high SEO keyword rankings. However, using both your content and meta tags combined correctly is a sure-fire way to achieve the top rankings you desire.

For the purpose of this article, we will focus on the meta tag “keywords”, although it must be noted that the meta tag “description” is also very important.

The SEO keywords you use in your meta tag should be used frequently throughout the content of the same webpage. For example, if you own a pizza website, and your main keyword is “pizza”, then you had better have the word “pizza” listed several times in your content.

The keywords are to be selected based on the content of the page. Keywords are NOT to be used to describe the company, or website as a whole. Using the same example, it is worthless to use the SEO keyword “pizza’ on a “Contact Us” page that doesn’t have the word “pizza” anywhere in its content.

It is by this reasoning, that you strategize what keywords you are going to use before the content is created. Once you have established which SEO keywords you would like to promote, write the content accordingly, and remember to use every keyword listed in the meta tags.

After the content has been written, you can see if you have any more keywords you would like to add to the meta tags.

Once you master the skill of combining your SEO keywords, meta tags and content, you’ll be well on your way to achieving top SEO rankings for your website!

Robert Nimylowycz has over eight years of experience in Online Marketing and SEO Website Analysis. He has provided keyword-enriched content for many websites, and proudly joined the BlindMonkeyMedia team in January, 2009.