January 24, 2009 – In the previous article, “SEO Services: Choosing the Right SEO Company part 1” we talked about asking an SEO company for references, time length of project and prices per keywords.  For the second and final part on “How to Choose the Right SEO Company”, we will discuss the minimum amount of information an SEO Company should provide about your project and general information that should be discussed with the SEO service company.

Once you have found an SEO company that meets the SEO references guidelines as well as the time frame for the estimated results and the prices, the next step is to discuss with them what your business is about and your client´s target demographics.

This is important because it will help decide which SEO keywords to target as well as give the SEO Company a chance to see whether they can meet your expectations.

Choosing the right SEO company 

Other things that should also be discussed are what to expect from each other.  An experience SEO company should be able to tell you exactly what they can provide and what to expect from them like customer service, availability and flexibility. 

Another item to discuss is how many other clients they currently have that are in the same industry as your business and whether they

intend on taking more clients in the same industry as you.

This last item is important because what is the point of hiring an SEO Company if after your contract with them is over, they will replace your SEO Keyword position with your competitor.  Make sure that they sign an agreement not to take one of you competitor as a client for at least a year.

Once the groundwork has been laid out on the table, you need to ask for an SEO plan from them (It is usually best to get an SEO from at least two companies).  Any trustworthy company will give you an SEO strategy plan that will at the least include the following:

  1. SEO Analysis of your Website – You should receive an analysis of your website in terms of SEO friendliness.
  2. Keyword Suggestions – You should receive a set of keyword suggestions complete with number of searches done for each keywords per month which will help you decide which keyword to target
  3. SEO Goals and Objectives – This section should clearly state which keywords will be targeted and the estimated amount of time it will take to reach the target ranking on the SERP (Search Engine Result page).
  4. SEO Action Program – This is where an SEO company tells you their strategy and how they will achieve these goals.  Essential strategies by the SEO company should include:
    • Meta tags
    • Content Rewrite
    • Website Redesign or Landing page option
    • Link Building
    • Articles and blogs
    • Website Interaction Addition

Once you receive their plan then it is just a matter of you deciding whether that company is the right one for you and whether their SEO plan can work adequately with your website.

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