January 14, 2009 - There has always been a battle of will between SEO consultants and marketing consultants when it comes to a company´s website.  Even though SEO technically falls under the marketing umbrella, SEO has always had to fight against a company´s marketing machine when it comes to website content and design.

Let´s face the facts, if SEO consultants had their way, websites would be almost entirely made up of text, meta-tags and keywords.

On the other hand, if marketing consultants and website designers had their way, a website would be almost entirely made up of cool looking flash graphics, the newest web design technology, promotional banners and capture boxes.

The main purpose of a business website is to get clients. Getting these clients can be considered a numbers game where the more targeted traffic you get to your website, the better the odds of getting clients.  This brings us to the use of SEO and marketing efforts for the website itself.

 SEO vs Marketing

Online marketing methods are created to get a potential client´s attention using several methods such as flashy graphics and banners, big colored text, call to action buttons and snazzy tag lines.  These methods are often seen in e-mails and websites and if done well, will give a decent conversion rate for the business. 

SEO on the other hand is based on getting your website optimized so search engine will rank you higher in their search results for a specific phrase or keyword. 

An SEO consultant basically has to make the website search engine friendly so that a robot or crawler from a search engine will place higher priority on said website.  This involves many factors due to the complex algorithm of search engines. In general, an SEO consultant will focus most of his efforts on website text content, meta-tags and quality links. 

Since most search engines still do not read well flash graphics, videos, frames, banners and such(Google is making progress with that though); a difference of opinion comes about between the SEO consultant and the Marketing website designer.

Should the company sacrifice high traffic for better conversions and rely on paid advertisement alone and hope that their attractive looking website will get a high conversion rate from their paid traffic? Or should the company focus its website design efforts to get high low cost traffic and possibly a low conversion rate?

There´s the rub or is it?

SEO and marketing website are both necessary for the success of a website.It is possible for the two to work together however, much planning is necessary in creating the website.  The best approach is to recreate the website from scratch and incorporate both the SEO and marketing aspect when creating the website design.

Many websites have been able to positively integrate both SEO and marketing compatibility into the website design which has led to an increase in both traffic and conversions.  It just takes good teamwork between the SEO manager and the marketing manager.

In conclusion, the integration of SEO and Marketing website design are essential to a healthy website.

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Fred St. John is an internet marketing consultant with over 10 years of online marketing experience and has worked for some of the top Fortune 500 companies.  You can contact him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.