January 20, 2009 – The dreams of many online businesses is to become an online sensation and cater to a wide variety of clients around the world.  It´s a nice goal for any company to strive for and achieving this goals starts on a local level.Local clients should always be the first focus of a new online business because how can a business expect to become an online success if they do not even have a niche in their local online market.  In terms of SEO, the personalization of Google searches are such that now, Google actually takes in consideration the user´s IP address meaning that local online businesses will do better locally. It is only logical that a business should then start to popularize itself on a local level first.To establish a name and reputation in the local internet market scene is actually quite simple but requires a lot of effort, networking and legwork. First off, the online business needs to contact other businesses in their local area and offer their services.  This can be done by looking thru the phone book, the local newspaper and even walking in your area and look for businesses that would be interested in dealing with your services.Second, go online and look for businesses in your area and write related articles about them on your website.  Once done, email them the article to open a line of communication.Third, make some kind of arrangement with that business even if it just involves having a referral on their website.  It may be a small thing but it is still a step forward in the right direction.Fourth, give local businesses a discount.  Trust me. It will pay off on the long run because the local community will see that you care about the community as a whole. As the word gets around, you will receive even more business from word of mouth.Fifth, advertise your involvement with a new local client by sending out a press release online.  This will be good for you and your client.Looking at every great companies out there like The Coca-Cola Company, KFC, EBay and many others, all of them started out as small local companies before they made a big impact on the world.  The same will apply to your online company.Take local Costa Rican business, www.BlindMonkeyMedia.com.  Even though they are an online marketing service that caters to clients on a worldwide level, they first started out as a local sensation and 85% of their business first came from Costa Rica.  Today, they own a share of the international scene and 35% of their business comes from outside of Costa Rica.In short, once your business is a local success, it will facilitate your business going global in the overall online market and open many doors on an international scale.